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It sounds delicious! And I always enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. Much more when I do have kitchen accidents where a dish unexpectedly turned out something else far tastier than it was supposed to be.

Heidi Smith

orzo or anci de pepe (sp?) pasta would work good too and are widely available. My Dh is from upstate NY and I find a lot of pasta varieties there just making it to the surrounding seattle area here.

I'm going to try this next week and substitute a Hormel precooked Beef Roast instead of using the crock pot and doing it myself. (feeling lazy I guess LOL)

I also really like Kitchen Basics brand of stocks. If you have tried them yet, they are a little more expensive but very close to homemade slow simmered stock. I especially love the chicken.

I'll be following your blog! I love soup and "discovering by accident" new recipes.


Cindy-Pastina should NOT be regional. pastina literally means "tiny pasta" so any little pasta will do. The are usually small balls, stars, alphabet letters, ditalini, or even tiny small threads of pasta. I use these because they do not need to be precooked, they do not give off the starchy-goo that other, large pastas do (thus the rinsing/draining of them). You can use ANY pasta you like, however if they are not the small version, you just have to pre-cook them.

I will work on the stroganoff and other recipes--I am trying to figure out how I would include them on this blog! :) THANK YOU!


I honestly have never seen that pastini in my grocery?? is it a regional thing? I'll look, but what would be a substitution?
I also want your recipe for the beef tips!! or strogonoff recipes using the rest of the beef! please!! LOL


That sounds good! My Hubs would LOVE it!

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